Bon Appetit

Whatever time of day you’re reading this odds are you have already eaten something today.  Hopefully it was very tasty and you enjoyed it.  But have you ever given much thought to the fact that what you ate was because of a gracious, providential God?  Yes I know Christians are pretty good about thanking the Lord for what they are about to put in their mouths but I means have you REALLY given thought to how in this way He is showing you His care for you?!

Look at what happened in the Garden of Eden. God made man and placed them in Eden and gave them many good things to eat, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.” (Gen.2:16). And we know one tree was forbidden, of course, but God gave them a great variety of food with ample provision for their brand new bellies ! So too we have fruits, meats, baked goods (yum !), ice cream (double yum), etc., etc., etc !   But these are foods and without them we would not last too long in our bodies.  So it’s His way of graciously making sure we survive.

Man was more than adequately forewarned about sin: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die !!!!!!!!”    (Gen.2:17)     I loaded up on the exclamation marks because Adam understood the warning that way as the Hebrew language is a “double verb” here meaning “dying you will die”.   Ironically the fall came about through the vehicle of food yet God uses food to prolong our lives !      When we’re born we begin to die yet the profit we gain from eating the food God provides us postpones the dying process.  Some people live a century !!     Food is indeed an amazing way that God shows us His hand each day and is one of His many precious gifts to us all (saved and lost alike).  So in reality, no person can legitimately say that God has not manifested His love and care for me !    So next time you open up the “pie hole” and munch on something delish remember God’s just been good to you !!! Thank Him with great sincerity.


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