Camping, the Mayans & the Lord, who you gonna believe??

Well the Mayans blew it just like old Harold Camping did last year – the world did not end as THEY predicted.  Perhaps it is time to take God at His Word for a change, huh? When will they learn??  I even heard an entire school district shut down classes yesterday just in case the world came to a screeching halt ! Ha !!

This old world will end when the Lord says so, not some strange interpreting radio preacher or some ancient pagan South American tribe !  And God says when it does it will end in fire and “the elements will melt with a fervent heat”, as Peter wrote  in 2Peter 3.  Until that time rest assured, if you are truly   born again you won’t be in this body or limited to this old globe when it does happen. You will have been translated via death or the rapture to a new body and new realm (Phil.3:21; 1Thess.4:13-18), safe and sound and beyond the judgment of such time and conflagration (a massive fire !! in case you don’t have a dictionary handy !).

Isn’t it a comfort knowing the Lord and His timetable from His Word?  Others live with anxiety each time the newest false prophecy hits the news. Some waste time and resources in preparation of another failed apocalypse but we who know the Lord and simply trust the Scriptures live with a peace they cannot know in their unbelieving state.  These times of anxiety and alarm need to be met by us with a show of calm and faith in what God has clearly said so that we send the message loud and clear to our world that God’s Word is true and will see any through who would trust in it. So enjoy the time God does give you on this old planet, and look for the imminent return of Christ in the rapture !!  It will be a glorious end for us here and an eternity filled with great peace and joy rather than anxiety !!!

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