Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, this was a saying in Rome in biblical times and means to “seize the day” or we’d say “take advantage of your opportunities” ! Last night my wife and I spent some time with an old friend who lost her husband to pancreatic cancer a few years back. It was nice to be able to visit with her and hear how things are going and how she is faring without him.  One definite comfort is he was saved, so she knows she will see him again.  But there is a clear void in her life as they were married nearly thirty years when he passed.  There is also the comfort of three grown children as well but as she noted, “It’s probably toughest on me since we were one, he was my best friend !” The conversation was a wonderful time spiritually too as we listened to how God has worked in her life then and since and more than once she thanked us for spending time with her and how much she enjoyed the fellowship.  Our heart goes out to her and I told my wife later it was a vivid reminder that we appreciate the time we have left with each other and as Paul said “redeem the time because the days are evil (brief)” [Eph.5:16].

As you head into your weekend, remember the truth that life here is short and pick up the phone and call a family member who you haven’t called in a while,  plan some time with a spouse or loved one and make some more memories together.  And as you do spend that time, ask God to help you be a blessing and example of Christlikeness so that they go away having seen the Lord through your life.  You will not only have made good memories but a great impact too !

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