Who’s in Charge?

Last night as we watched fireworks with our son and his family we were recounting how he starting letting us know he was ready to be born almost three decades ago.  The story would make for a good comedy sketch !  My wife was great with child and we’d been told to head to some fireworks for the contractions would begin as the fireworks did. Whoever told us that was right, at least that night !!  With the first “kaboom” came the first pains of labor and so we proceeded to gather up our things, head for the car and the hospital. But the place we were to see fireworks was in a rural area and now very well known to us. To make matters worse, this was pre-GPS times and it was very dark !  As we tried to remember how to get back and the contractions increased, thoughts swirled around in my head of helping to deliver livestock on the family farm growing up !  Would I have to be Doctor and Dad in one night?

Having a little trouble getting back to the main road, I stopped to be sure if we were heading right and pulled up to a farm house for directions. As I approached the door in a hurry, my wife in pain and I in panic mode, I was met at the screen door by a very excited and equally panicky dog, not a little lap dog, a very high strung, not too happy to see me, BIG doberman (separated from me by only a flimsy screen)!!  Great, I thought, what’s next Lord?  But as the owner subdued their attack mutt, and I told her “we’re having a baby” in not so calm of a demeanor, she chuckled, gave me great directions and we were soon headed on the right path to the hospital !   What a night that was !!

Life is full of adventure, huh?   Can you relate in some way with a similar story?  A frustrating day or night where you didn’t think things would not turn out right but somehow someway they did?!  Prayer was a big part that evening in our experience, and He answered. Panic gave way to peace.  Uncertainty was traded for the assurance that God is in control.   When you go through harrowing circumstances isn’t it great knowing we have a Lord who is all-powerful?  We have the privilege of prayer and the option of peace over panic !     It is stunning, but then it isn’t, to read the words of Paul in prison even when he penned, “Be careful for nothing (literally – stop worrying) but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let you requests be made known unto God, and the peace of God, which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Phil..4:6-7).

We needn’t stress out wondering how we’ll get through with God in control, as the song goes “Why worry when you can pray? trust Jesus He’ll be your stay !” And I think this is one huge reason Paul includes that when we finally get that we can pray not only asking for the situation to work out but we can do so gratefully (with thanksgiving) knowing full well Who is in command of every situation we face and then some !! This is a real safeguard to our hearts keeping us through Christ Jesus, giving us His peace !   So what will happen in your adventure called life today? God knows, He’s in charge, remember that well !!

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