Christ in YOU

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” ! (Gen.1:1)  Thats how our Bible begins and thats what Satan attacks through evolution and probably about every false “ism” you have ever heard of. Today in our Sunday School we began a lesson called the Truth About Dinosaurs where we heard about this and next Sunday, Lord willing, we’ll hear even more.  This is assaulted because if the devil can undermine in our minds the credibilty of the Bible he can keep people from accepting Christ.  Remember what he did with Eve when he messed with her “Hath God said??”   Oh c’mon now, the “educated” unbeliever says, evolution is fact, just look at the evidence. The earth is millions of years old, they say.

Believe you me, ministering in a prominent university area, I’ve had my share of such conversations and I have come to believe more than ever the validity of God’s account of creation as I hear the ridiculous theories that come off as scientific !   But I’ve also noticed you cannot usually win an argument with someone who’s mind is already made up but what you can do is live the life in front of them. The Christ honoring life is the best witness and weapon against any onslaught which Satan can concoct ! They cannot deny the power of a risen and godly life. So its great to learn what God says in His Word and also its great to be able to apply what is learned by His enabling and thus show others Christ in you, the hope of glory  !!!


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