Cookie Jar Surprise

Last night my wife and I got a pretty good chuckle.  We took a little day trip together and found ourselves back in this old Amish store where she went to go look at an old cookie jar. She has been eyeing it for around four years and the lady who has consigned it to this store has not budged on the price. Its a unique cookie jar as it is just like the one my wife remembers grabbing cookies out of as a girl at her grandmother’s house !  Well when I caught up to her at this store I found her on the phone with the woman who owned it and she had actually lowered the price !! My wife declined thinking the price was still high for a cookie jar, so I quickly told her and the clerk: “We’ll buy it !”   My wife’s face was priceless at this point, so happy !!

Once we we got home I suggested we look it up on the internet to see its value.  We were both startled to find we more than tripled our investment !!!!!    Not being a stockbroker but a preacher its not often I can say I made a good financial gain in a day !  But there’s a wonderful lesson here.   Each day, whether we make a day trip apart from our normal routine or a day we trudge off to work or just do chores around the home, we have a great opportunity to make an investment for the Lord too.  Paul admonished us to  be “redeeming the time because the days are evil.” (Eph.5:16). That first word was used as a business, and specifically a real estate term, suggesting we put forth some of our “capital” with the intent of making it grow.  He says we need to be doing this (the stress is an ongoing comittment on our part to invest spiritually) becasue our time is limited here and each opportunity may present itself in a moment and then be gone never to return.

Today is a fresh day the Lord has given you. In it you will have various opportunities flash before you, seize them, say “I will buy that !” And when you do seize it you will be making a substantial investment in the God’s work that will yield much more than threefold.  Speak a kind word, do a good deed, give a listening ear, a humble word of encouragement or instruction, or share the good news of the gospel and you will one day be amazed at how much has been gained through a simple transaction FOR Him !!!!

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