Creative Juices

What a great time we had last evening at the Strawberry Social.  It was just a simple activity where everyone brought something made out of strawberries and the creative juices were flowing: strawberry bundt cake, pies, cheesecake, strawberry tacos, strawberry soup and  even different types of salad with strawberries in them !  LOTS of good food !!! We had a quiz about strawberries and another game then just enjoyed the fellowship of one another at our church !!  A good time indeed.

Creativity. It’s nice to see.  People did some thinking and used what God has given to come up with some real masterpieces.  Even in our quiz we saw just how creative God was in making us the strawberry.  Its loaded with antioxidants for our health and chocked full of vitamin C. We learned if you eat just eight strawberries that’s as much vitamin C as in one orange and they greatly benefit the cardiovascular system in our body as well.  The Lord has given to us many wonderful things to enjoy even in the midst of a fallen, cursed world.  I am always amazed when going to a zoo and seeing the different animals God has made and their differing traits that make a lot of sense for their protection, adaptablility and so forth.  He is an amazingly and infinitely wise God.

In Job’s conversation with God towards the end of that book the Lord said to Job, “Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moves his tail like a cedar. . .he is the chief of the ways of God: He that made him can make His sword to approach unto him.” (Job 40:15-19). Creationist experts and Bible scholars believe this was a very large dinosaur created by God and the Lord used this example to let Job know He made it and He can do even with this great creature as he chooses too.   God uses your trials to bring out in creative ways a better you.  God is infinitely wise and powerful and is in complete charge of His creation so we needn’t fret or be flustered.  He made this entire universe simply by speaking it into existence but it was not haphazard, it had great design and purposes and we have His Word to which we can read and hear from so that God can continue to make in us a person that shines for His glory !   Use your head, yes, but let it be filled with His unfailing Word !!


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