Drill, baby, drill

Yesterday I took time out for a breakfast discussion in our area with local business and political leaders on the topic of Marcellus shale.  They have found this shale to contain natural gas in our region, and in some states surrounding and they estimate there is enough for us for over a century of our country’s energy needs !  Then to top it all off there is another round of this called Utica underneath this that would still be untapped !! They are currently drilling as far as two miles underneath the surface for the Marcellus gas and then they can go laterally, amazing !!  So the discussions talked a lot about getting this gas to homes here replacing the old means of oil which is far more expensive and if we can start to heat our homes and appliances with the natural gas families will then see substantial savings and have more disposable income to buy other things, thus improving local economies.  This is why business people showed up !   As a homeowner, I was interested in learning how to convert to gas !!

One of the politcians decribed a scenario where a local landowner watches trucks hauling natural gas from his porch leave our nation for Europe and in the meantime oil tankers arrive in our ports from our Middle East enemies  bringing more expensive oil to our homes to heat them, a ridiculous transfer of energy that makes no good sense whatsoever !! Which is why in the last election you heard politicians exclaim “drill, baby, drill !”   Being a good steward of the resources God gives to you is important, as we know from Jesus’ parables and other places in the Bible.  But to each of us God entrusts earthly things, whether money, utilities, time, etc.  as well as spiritual things.  But like the natural gas discoveries lying beneath our land here, we truly have even greater untapped resources as a child of God when you think about it.  How about prayer?   Yesterday I was going over some prayer requests on our church’s website and noticed several that have been recently answered !

How many times have you motored along through your day doing things and not thinking to pray about them or people or things in the future ? Instead we have the tendency to worry, or just forge ahead with little or no thought to the great resource of supplicating to our God and seeing Him answer thus fortifying our faith even more !!  Jesus stressed to His apostles in Luke 18:1 that men ought always to pray and not to faint.  Note how He linked that with the word faint?   When you grow weary even in well doing, or just want to throw in the towel, you have the resource of prayer to encourage and enliven your spirit in a way that nothing else will !

So today, do some “drilling”, utilize what God has graciously given to you and enjoy your day with Him !!!!

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