Eat Crow

Yesterday I happened to glance out the window and noticed this crow gathering up the courage to get closer to our house. He was foraging for food and thought he saw something tasty laying on the patio.  Slowly he walked, looking around for any signs of danger until at last he quickly pecked at the perceived morsel only to be disappointed at the last, a piece of straw !!

How often we can be like that undiscerning crow.  We catch a glimpse of something that looks fine to our senses and neglect to weigh it with the discernment only the Word can give us.  And we ingest something into our mind that turns out to be not so good for us as we’d originally thought.   The writer of Hebrews penned, “But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” (5:14).   One of the blessings of learning and living out the Scriptures is the ability God alone wants to give to His children to be able to distinguish what He truly wants from what may seem legit.  Without the Bible we would all be groping in the dark and wondering if the decisions we make are truly right or whether what we put into our minds is constructive or destructive.

Are you seeking His insight into the choices you make, the things you read, even the music you listen to?  As a new Christian I recall listening to this song and band I really liked and the Spirit began to use what I’d been reading in the Bible to convict me that the song was actually at variance with the Word !  He was actually warning me about the worldly music I liked to move me to a godly alternative that would direct my thoughts more upon Him !   So today, get in the Word and avoid falling for what Satan and the world strews in your path to partake of and tear you down spiritually. And exercise biblical discernment in the choices placed before you – by the way, today that crow has something better to eat as I put some bird seed out there for him – you have something far  better in the Word that will take you to new heights and assure you of a right path so eat, enjoy & discern well !!

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