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As the new school year approaches, summer elapses and fall begins new routines being to emerge. In our area, you make adjustments for the 40,000+ Penn State students coming to town and living here most of the year. State College becomes the third biggest city on PA on a football Saturday ! So you make allowances for the extra people in your errands, planning, etc.   

What I’m saying is especially this time of year its good to look at your priorities.  It’s an interesting and apt word for it comes from “prior” and has the idea of superior, taking precedence because of importance.  Your priorities have to do with what you deem important.   Abraham permitted Lot to choose a part of the Promised Land before him because he deemed things less important than his nephew. Lot, we know, had other priorities. Consequently, his being wrong, he suffered much in time due to them.  Jacob viewed scheming to get ahead in life  yet said near the end of his life, “few and evil have been the days of my life” !  His priorities hindered his life and what he could’ve otherwise done well. 

Moses tells us in the decalogue to have no other gods before God (Ex.20)  and Christ Himself sums up the gist of Scripture with our need to love God supremely  and to seek Him (Mt.6:33) above all !    We worship the FIRST day of the week for a reason and Paul said, “let nothing be done through strife or vain glory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves” (Phil.2:3).    I realize its more fashionable (and I use that term loosely as you will soon understand) to dress more casual to God’s house today. But what does that say about our priorities to the world, our fellow worshippers and even moreso to the Lord?  Yes some dress to impress and outdo others but we must be careful not to use that as an excuse for being well-groomed for God.  As they say, what would you wear to the White House if invited?  Speaking of priorities, Who is more important in that scenario ??

Since God is a God of order (1Cor.14:33) and we are to reflect His likeness there must be Christlike priorities in our lives.  Take some time today to evaulate if God is TRULY first with you.   Do you have a service for Him tomorrow at your church? If your priorities are right you won’t do it “half-baked” or prepare at the last minute.  You will give it your best effort.  Is tithing important to you? It is to God.   Or do you give Him what’s left over?  Aren’t you glad He doesn’t work that way with you?   When the new week starts will you opt for fun to the neglect of family responsibilities?  Will a hobby take precedence over how your home looks?   Will you engage in “ministry” to massage your ego or humbly serve the Master?  You are very important to Him, enough to DIE for you !  And that should serve as the impetus for your priorities, loving God FIRST and FOREMOST !!

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