Fresh fruit, anyone?

“And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”   This was what the Spirit of God had Paul set in print when he wrote to the churches of Galatia (6:9).    How many times have you pressed on for the Lord with something only to see it not come to fruition? This past Easter Sunday, we finally did at our church.  We saw a couple come we have been praying for and working on for some time and it was very encouraging !

Gardening has some definite parallels as you prep the soil, you sow the seed, you water, weed, fertilize and then you wait for the fruit to come.  Sometimes the yield is great, sometimes, eh, not so much considering all the variables but when it does come and you bite into that fresh ear of corn or juicy, sun ripened tomato the effort was worth it.  But in both instances, whether working with people or potatoes, God has a clear role He plays and ours is to do the work He wants and wait on Him for the rest.

How about you? Is there something or someone you have been working on and praying for  and it just doesn’t seem like anything is happening? Are you getting a little weary with the whole process and lack of fruit?   You’ll note Paul begins the verse with “Let us”  (as opposed to lettuce) suggesting we all struggle with the desire to just throw in the towel at times.  He also says  it’s the well doing we should not cease for inevitably this is still God’s universe and He will not sit by idly and let that kind of effort go unrewarded or unnoticed.      And then Paul adds “due season”.  I think many times our frustration with the timing and results is due to our natural impatience and desire to be Lord of the universe instead and we are thus reminded that when things don’t go according to OUR plan it’s because we need to have it firmly implanted in our brain that He is the One Who’s in charge, period !

But, happily, the verse ends with a promise that if we’ll persist the reward will come, God says so !  You can bank on that, my friend !!

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