Game, Set, Match to the Christmas Child & Children

Every year lately it seems there are some who want to attack the Lord and Christmas.  Recently a school in New England had the kids sing Silent Night at school but removed the words “Christ”.  A billboard erected by atheists in New York City dissed the Lord saying “Who needs Christ in Christmas? – Nobody !”.     Satan is active but he must be very frustrated for he cannot and will not win !  The Lord has already come and won the victory at the  cross.  The devil used Herod to kill the children in Bethlehem but the Lord won !   He sought to tempt Jesus in the wilderness in Matt.4 but our Savior won !  Lucifer may’ve thought as Jesus hung on that cross he finally had him but Jesus uttered “It is FINISHED !” – He WON the final victory !!

So the next time you hear of some some story where atheists seem to gain an edge by removing  a nativity scene and twist our first amendment remember as a child of God you are on the winning team !!!!!   Enjoy this special Christmas season knowing that whatever setbacks you may face, they are temporary because victory has already been secured by that Babe in the manger !!!!!!!!!!!

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