God is Reaching out to YOU all the time !

Every single one of us has had those times when it feels like our prayers get as far as from our head to our lips. We wonder where is God in all this mess we call the world or even our life!! Yet Psalms 19 offers some great hope and insight for such times in that God reaches out in what has been called “General” revelation and also in “Special” revelation. For instance, the ancient psalm is clearly separated into these two expressions of how the Lord regularly attempts to communicate to you through His creation (vss.1-6) as it says “The heavens DECLARE the glory of God. It means they are constantly speaking out to us of their majestic Creator. Even the unsaved can delight in a rainbow or beautiful sunset while we who have been born again admire His handiwork and know there is hope in all my trials that Someone Who has designed such a grand landscape can hold it together for me too.

The last part of the psalm touches on the very Word itself, God’s “special” revealing of His will to man and claims it to be flawless and hence fit to trust and rely upon “The Law of the Lord is PERFECT…”. If it seems its been a while since God’s reached out to you, have you been quietly looking and listening? Take a moment today to gaze at the stars or any aspect of His creation all around you, ask Him to clear the clutter in your mind and speak to you through the Scriptures and focus just on the Word as you read it carefully. It won’t be long and you will sense His reaching out to you anew !

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