God’s grace

We have implemented at our church a new program this year similar but different than last year’s reading program.  Last year we read through selected chapters of the Bible (not to read through the Bible in a year in a “wisk through” fashion but to carefully read it).  Now we are also reading and adding special prayer to focus on daily to the intent our prayer lives improve even more as well as a careful meditating upon what we read so we go away each day truly seeing God speak to us.  I would like to share with you some of what God has been sharing with me through my time with Him in the Word !

Matthew begins with a genealogy, which is something we often speed read through.  But catch this in Matt.1:6, “…And David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah” –   Clearly this is not something we’d like to  admit in a family tree of ours, but God does so in the line of the Messiah and for good reason. It shows His grace !!  The fact that we sin and God is not unaware yet His grace is offered to deal with our sin properly.  David learned from this tragic error and offense to a holy God but the Lord was gracious !

And also, as Herod sought to discover where the Christ child was, supposing Him to be a threat to his puny dominion, God was gracious to Joseph and Mary by revealing to them this wicked plot in ample time to leave Bethlehem and flee safely to Egypt and then be able to return after Herod’s death to live in Israel once again !    The gracious gift of the wise men undoubtedly supplied the young couple with adequate funds for this journey and their time there as well.  God is good even though men are not and even when the wicked oppose our stand for Christ and seek to do ill will to us.  It may be harmful remarks, mean actions, etc but whatever the case God’s grace is sufficient for your need !!!!



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