A Good Reminder

Sunday at our church we’re doing a child dedication service, which in effect is a parent dedication as they commit themselves publicly to raising their child for the glory of God.  Its not to be mistaken for confirmation or such like services in other churches but is nonetheless a serious decision on the part of the parents and a vow to do them right before the Lord.

Dedication is essential in the Christian life. When Paul wrote those famous verses to the Roman church, “I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. . . ” (Rom.12:1), he was speaking of dedication.  But note that this  dedication has the most solid basis we could have: LOVE ! Or to qualify it further, God’s love, as embodied in the word “mercies” here.  The totality of the book before this grand passage teaches us how much God loves us by what He did and does for us still and this then should serve as more than ample motivation for us to remain staunchly dedicated to Him.

When people, even Christian folks, let you down, when trials persist, when it seems as though there is even no relief in prayer, remember His flawless and unending love for you so that you remain steadfast in your life for Him.  Remember, the world is watching your testimony, children see your actions and pick up fast on your attitudes, do they see a person truly committed to Jesus or only when things go well?  Are you dedicated to God’s church or do you go when you feel like it as so many slip into?   Do you give in the offering plate when you have some left or off the top?  Do you serve only where you want or where its needed?  Do you listen to music you like or are you careful it reflects the principles of God’s Word?  A very powerful key to remaining true to the Lord follows in verse 2 as the apostle writes that its also vital we are “renewing our mind” !!  This will help you weather the temptations to falter and help you to remain dedicated to Him Who dedicated Himself to saving you !!!!

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