Great Joy

I think I can say without a doubt that the most enjoyable part of getting on my computer is seeing videos of our granddaughter which my son and daughter-in-law occasionally load.  You can see her little mind at work as she examines a toy, babbles about something, or interacts with one of the parents. It’s truly one of the blessings of technology to be able to keep up with her so often and watch her development.  But something kind of cool she does more of now reminded me of something about the Lord.    They will be filming her and initially she’s unaware of her being watched but then whether they make her aware by calling out her name or she simply discovers she is being observed she cracks into a smile, makes a little shriek of delight or proceeds hamming it up for the camera !

Many times in sermons or just in our own minds we hear and think some negative things. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes we need those as sinners. We need correction and reproof to see where we are in need of change.  But we also need the balance of the positive in such truths as God’s love for us.    We love to see a child and even though they can do some pretty dumb things, there is a joy about them and a kind of genuineness that we find very endearing. We can watch a baby progress as I witnessed one at church move from a very strained walk last week to a more balanced normal walk this past Sunday or a child beginning to form words and such and marvel at their progress.  But God I believe is delighted to look at you too, especially when there is progress !  He said this to you and I through the pen of John: “I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in truth, as we have received a commandment from the Father.” (2 Jn.4)  & “I have no greater joy than to hear that My children walk in truth.” (3Jn. 4) !

Ok, let that underlined part of the verse sink in for a moment: there’s NOTHING which makes God happier than when you do what’s right as His child !!!  It’s pretty cool that He’s watching you intently and finds great delight in your obedeince to His Word. He’s very much excited about your spiritual progress.  So never minimize the value of even the small things you do right for Him.   What a joy to watch our granddaughter progress, we watch the videos repeatedly but how much more God is delighted at your progress and watches YOU with rapt attentiveness as the perfect Father !!  So with these verses in mind straight from the heart of God, shouldn’t it perk you up too like it does our granddaughter once she discovers she is being lovingly watched?  Keep bringing the Lord great joy today !!!

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