The Greatest Ability

Evangelist and educator Bob Jones, Sr. said, “The greatest ability is dependability”.  He was right because a faithful person is evidence of a person who is practicing well his faith !  It means he is reading and heeding the Bible.

The “Nun”, or “N”, section begins in Ps.119:105 with “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”    So the psalmist speaks of faithful “feet”.  We take for granted light in our day. In Bible times there weren’t the bright street lights and neon signs of our era.  People would often carry clay dishes with oil in them to provide light as they walked in darkness.  Illuminating only a path in front of them, it was essential to navigate well in darkness.  The words “feet” & “path” here speak of our body or being and the places it can go.  The Bible is to be the guide as to how we decide to move and where we decide to move !  It reveals to us the principles for making all of life’s decisions well.  We must faithfully look to its revelation to see how and where we should step.  Got a big decision to make? Look to the bright light of the Word for direction.

And a faithful “mind” is also vital !    “My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget Thy law.” (vs.109).  While its true we have been given freewill by God and can choose good or evil, my will or God’s, the writer reminds us here that our best option is God’s way. So he doesn’t “forget” God’s Word. He knows its not right to ignore it, so his mind stays focused on it and he does not “err from Thy precepts.” (vs.110). He refused to be shaped by, even in his mind, the sins of others.  How easy it is to become embittered, vengeful, fearful, or calloused !  I think many Chrstians start off enthusiastically serving Christ but when it gets hard and people disappoint, we allow them to dampen our zeal for Christ and take our mind off the race we are to patiently run for Him.  If that sounds like you, confess the sin and ask God to renew your mind and keep it stayed on Him !


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