GROW in grace

In July we will be having what we call, GROWTH Sunday.  It’s an opportunity to see the individual and the church GROW !  We will be encouraging folks who have been saved to follow the Lord in being immersed as He commands and for people who attend to commit to the church by joining it and becoming an official member (Acts 2:41), and for existing members to make any spiritual decisions that prompt them to genuinely grow in Christ.

The apostle Peter did not write many books in our Bible but when he was ending what he did pen, he included this via inspiration of the Holy Spirit for our serious admonition:  “But GROW in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. . .” (2Pt.3:18).  It is written in the Greek imperative hence it’s not meant to be an option for us but a solemn obligation.  This  was in the final verse he left us.  What would your final words be to your friends or family?  Would it be to GROW in the Lord?   They should be, for GROWTH of this sort is far more important than the increase of one’s things or bank account, your spiritual state is the center of your life no matter what level you are at.  What you believe and truly are INSIDE steers your decisions and your destiny, so GROW !  Take some time to water your heart by reading then heeding the Word today.  Pull out the weeds of indifference, apathy, and worldliness.  Fertilize your heart with the truth and you will see fruit produced in you that emulates the Fruit Maker !    It is exciting knowing that with each passing day, by the grace of God I can GROW when I give my heart to Him and maintain a walk with Him.  Watch for the fruit !!

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