Happy Father’s Day and a “babe” is born !!

I had the honor to lead a Father, a Grandfather, a Great-Grandfather to Christ today on Father’s Day.  No, not three people just one who is nearly 90 and one of the oldest people I’ve led to Christ but he was very ready.  I’ve been getting to know he and his family over the past year or so and he recently found out he could die at any time due to a large aneurism in his body. The doctor says if it bursts he would die within three minutes. And as I listened to his daughter in tears describe this it gave me great opportunity to witness again of the grace of God in sharing the gospel.

As we sat on their deck and talked (her and her husband and I) I stopped her all of a sudden and said this is one of the great blessings of being a Christian, namely that even when such news hits us or our loved ones there is a tremendous hope through Christ that we will live forever and this time without pain or suffering !  So as I went into his bedroom to speak with him, I shared the gospel again and very simply as he is a very simple but very open man.  After I explained the gospel and we chatted some about his situation he was willing to turn to Christ as his Savior and as simply as I could related to him how to pray to be saved and a twinkle in his eye met mine as he finished !  I had gained a new brother in the Lord !!

But what a joy, isn’t it, that no matter how bad the news we may receive here there is always the good news which outweighs it and in eternity will truly be realized and appreciated !! Thanks to what our great God has done for us,  our Heavenly Father can make any day a truly Happy Father’s Day !!!





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