Having it all Together

Have you ever tried to put something to together by “winging it”?  You know, the instructions are available but either in pride or hurriedness you opt to “do it on your own”.  And then you find out later, oops, I blew it big time !   In Ps.119 God takes pains to let us know that we have the “Instruction Manual” for life and eternity and we do well to know it and follow it.

One of the basic and major problems in our world today is that people aren’t consulting the Word and are striving to live life apart from the rules.  Then when someone messes up we hear things like “It was my upbringing, my environment”, etc. and society allows and many times encourages them to follow that empty course and things continue to go even worse for that person.    Well, our passage today (vss.73-80) begins, “Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn Thy commandments.”

If you analyze this a little you see the writer realizes the truth that he is not God but instead God’s subject, and is lacking in the “how to’s” of life.  By prayer and the Word, two vital keys in our spiritual building up as individuals, he goes to his Maker for putting things together right.   This is not deep truth but how often do we “try to be good or godly” only to fall flat on our face?  If we don’t resort to God’s instructions and pray and heed the Word how could we realistically ever truly expect to grow in the Christian life?

The word “understanding” speaks of discernment, which is the ability to distinguish between two things or parts which differ. Pray for this and follow the right course when God shows it through the principles of His Word and He will build in your life a great work ! “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5). In and of ourselves we are inept to do this, but God is the Great Architect and He is even able to take a life that is like parts strewn all over your floor and assemble a master piece.   I don’t care how badly you may have made a mess of things, no challenge is too hard for the Lord !   So keep consulting the “Instructions” and the special blessing is this also, when you put something together (a cake, a piece of furniture, etc) you don’t usually have the person there who put the instructions together to ask them questions, but you do with the Lord, so don’t neglect to ask Him for what’s needed too !  And remember, He desires to build your life into something grand !!

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