Shakin’ up but Shapin’ up !!

It is strange to have a routine of decades change so dramatically and suddenly ! I sit in my office early on a Sunday morning writing a devotional blog when normally I’d be prepping for actual church services. But in light of the worldwide pandemic God has, in His providence, allowed a halt to this and so much more we are accustomed to experience. People’s lives have been shaken !! In my last sermon a week ago we took time to look at James 1:1-4 to encourage our church that no matter what may befall us God is in complete control at ALL times and for our benefit !

If you haven’t already done so, look up these verses in your Bible and then also if you haven’t already been doing this week spend a few moments after you read the passage to take stock of what good you have seen come out of this global trial just this week AND what potential good do you foresee? Grab a pencil and write down as many as you can before you read on here !!

So, some things I have noticed thus far are a slow down in life itself: from the normal rush to “get things done” there is more of a focus on allowing God to “get me done”! More time for family, even more concern for friends to text them or give them a call. A deeper prayer life seeking Him out for not just people close to me but people afar, for the world itself as they too struggle with fears, sickness, and of course the very important issue of their soul’s salvation. In times like these, there is a great desire in people for peace and real answers and so the potential to see vast numbers of people saved is much more real now. So we must be earnestly praying not only for a cure for a physical threat but the great spiritual disaster looming on the horizon to the millions in our world and hundred in your own area who as yet do not know Jesus as their personal Savior. Take the extra time you have now to spend good time with the Lord and then reach out to people around you who ARE afraid and looking for hope. You may be surprised the conversations this can lead to and the people you have prayed for a long, long time who are now ripe for the gospel !

Your routine is different and God has permitted it in His infinite wisdom and loving plan, so “count it all joy” and allow Him to make a glorious difference in YOU today !! Determine this will not shake you, this will shape you more into His dear image !!!

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