Hit ’em Low !!

My senior year of high school I got to play football and we had a young man on the team who was a transfer from the state of Oklahoma. In our rural town that was big news, new kid. But what was even more interesting was he had medalled in wrestling there. He was third in the state in the heavyweight class.  Needless to say, he was a big, strong Okie !   As the coach lined us up one night for drills in practice it happened I was faced in this drill against him, with him to carry the ball and me to TRY to tackle him.  He weighed well over 200 pounds and I was 150 -Uggh.

When the coach blew the whistle we both had to get ready for the impact. (I think thats when I really started to learn to pray).  As the whistle blew I just went low and gave him my best effort. To my amazement he went back right flat on his back.  My best friend then leaned over, laughed, and asked me, “Are you alright?”   I gave him my biggest grin and said, “Suprisingly, yes, ask him !”  We all had  a laugh, it was not the expected outcome and fortunately Mr. Heavyweight and I got along – before and after this collision.  Hit ’em low the coaches would say.  Thats how to topple the giants.

Makes me think of how Satan tries this strategy with the Bible. I said this last night at our Bible study but it bears repeating, that people have many times, unbeknownst to them, been sown seeds of doubt about God and His Word at the foundational part of Scripture, Genesis 1 and the creation account.   For example, science so-called today will speak of the earth as millions and millions of years old.  The “Day Age” Theory is even accepted by many calling themselves Christians who essentially claim that God used evolution to fashion the universe and a day in Genesis should not be taken literally, it is a code word for a great period of time instead. However, God took great care to inspire the writers of the Bible (Moses being the man who recorded Genesis for us) and was very precise even down to the words, the tenses, and nuances of those words.

So where the KJV says, “And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.” (Gen.1:5) the Hebrew is careful to say “Day One” and uses a word for “day” that was only used for a 24 hour period, not a prolonged era of time ! Each time as Moses goes through the verses for creation week its the same pattern “Day Two”, “Day Three” and so on and the same word.

Satan has knocked many people “flat on their backs” by succeeding to pull the Bible out from under them in their minds and we see the tragedies unfolding around us: divorce, financial ruin, diseases, mental anguish, etc. that could all have been avoided had these folks stood firm on the truth.    But what of us who would take time to read a blog like this or be regular at church?  Sometimes it the simplest things that are hit in our faith that unless we stand firm in them we will also fall back.   We choose to worry when God says to cast ALL our care on Him, and why? He cares for YOU ! (1 Pt.5:7). Do you really believe that?     Why not hit Satan, the world and the flesh low yourself, fire back with the foundational truths God has given to YOU “ABOVE ALL, taking the shield of FAITH, wherewith ye shall be able to quench ALL the fiery darts of the wicked.” (Eph.6:16) !!   You are lined up against some hefty opposition, child of God, but you have a solid foundation in Christ and His Word.


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