Honoring George Washington

Well today is George Washington’s birthday.  The Father of our country is nearing 300 years old now and he was indeed a great man, a rare breed ! I have mentioned to our church the book “On Being George Washington” and was really caught up in reading it for he stood on principle and believed in, as they often referred to God in his day, “Providence”.   He was a man of prayer, was committed to his church and his country and strove to instill in his followers (both soldiers and countrymen alike) the need to worship the Lord and live by His Word.

If the Lord should tarry another 300 years before He returns in the rapture what kind of legacy will you have left?  One of the verses in our reading at church this week has been Prov.22:1, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.”  How important is it to you to build a good testimony?  Reputations are fragile things. Like fine china they can be ruined in an instant of foolishness but also like fine china they can be of immense value and be a beautiful thing to behold in a life.  Our decaying culture has traded the olden and more scriptural values of a good report, integrity and faithfulness for popularity before others, deceit, and unreliability.

While I’m pretty sure old George never threw a coin across the Potomac River, I do believe he left a great example for us to follow because he lived his life typically for his Master’s praise not men’s applause.  Honor his memory today and live well by making the right decisions even if they are unpopular or hard and you will leave something of more value than things and money to your loved ones and in the process glorify God and draw others to Him !   Today is one slice of your life, live it to His glory !!

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