How can you help against the cults?

Of real concern of late to many Americans is the scourge of Islam and their terroristic practices.  While such atrocities are not new they seem to be more commonplace.  Why is this? They are now more emboldened due to a weakened response from our leaders and they are simply playing out what their heretical doctrine has taught for years.  When you hear the term ‘extremism’ placed alongside of Muslim its as if the ‘preaching’ from our media wants us to think these are rare instances of those on the fringe of this religion yet the Koran itself advocates the killing of ‘infidels’ (any who would not hold to their religion, Koran 2:191-193).

Their founder was a man centuries ago (600’s A.D.) who when contrasted with Christianity’s Master, Jesus, does not even begin to measure up spiritually !   Mohammed had multiple wives and took a six year old girl named Aisha to be his wife, consummating his marriage with her when she was only nine ! Absoutely disgusting!!   Mohammed was a warring man who took many of his wives from conquered foes.  Jesus never married and lived His life here not in military conquests but teaching, healing, doing good & loving folks !    When Christ was dying on the cross he uttered “Father, FORGIVE them. . . ” Lk.23:34 to those who had desired His death yet when Mohammed lay dying his words were those of bitterness and hatred as he uttered, “May allah curse the Jews and the Christians. . .”    HUGE difference, huh?   And this difference is precisely what TRUE Christianity and TRUE Islam are !!

If you choose to truly follow Christ or Mohammed, you will be marked by love or by hate.   So don’t buy into the rhetoric of those who claim Islam is a religion of peace and love, far far from it !   Only Jesus can rightly make the claim that He is THE way, THE truth and THE life (Jn.14:6).  Recently I spoke with a Muslim young lady and she was so close minded to truth that I felt such pity for her and prayed for her since.  She told me she did not wish to discuss further the truth I was sharing with her. Pray for those brainwashed by Islam’s teachings to come to the TRUE God, share the good news of the gospel, and show the love of Christ to these folks whenever you get the chance !!

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