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My wife and I had a wonderful “God thing” happen over the weekend. We were invited to a surprise birthday party of a member of our church but figured we wouldn’t know much of anyone else there, so we decided we’d try and make some new friends. As “Providence” would have it, we chose to sit down to by a couple who were by themselves and I extended my hand to shake theirs and introduce ourselves.  As we began to talk to this very nice couple we found them to be a Christian couple who have been looking for a church and we enjoyed the opportunity God provided to be with kindred spirits and have a good spiritual conversation !

Isn’t it great that one of the blessings we enjoy as Christians is to be able to meet someone for the very first time and “connect” due to the indwelling Spirit? Paul wrote much about Christ IN us to the Ephesian believers: “IN Whom all the building fitly framed together grows unto an holy temple IN the Lord: IN Whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.” (Eph.2:21-22).  When you are able to sit down and fellowship with another person who loves the Lord you enjoy His presence IN them and they IN you !!  You might even say its a little taste of heaven on earth.   This is what the person misses out on who feels he can live his Christian life and not attend church or be sporadic about that.  There is a great joy in this spiritual communion with one another that the world will never know apart from being IN Him.

But don’t minimize the value you can be towards others by your reaching out to folks.  If you are saved, Christ is IN you and therefore you can be a huge blessing to others.  Take it upon yourself today to extend a hand of fellowship, to open up yourself to a stranger, to spend some time listening and speaking to someone along spiritual lines so that they too can taste a little bit of heaven through even you ! Remember, He’s IN you !!!

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