Indian Summer

Right now we are experiencing here what folks call an Indian Summer.  It’s the “calm before the storm” so to speak, a reminder of the summer just past and a final time of warmth before the cold of winter starts to set in.  For many wise folks, it’s a time to prepare, to get the house ready for the more blustery days ahead.  Reading through the Proverbs lately once again, I’m reminded of the need for God’s people to be a prepared people.

Certainly, getting saved is the ultimate preparation for eternity as unless we are, we’re totally unprepared to enter heaven’s gates ! When Jesus said to religious Nicodemus, “except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (Jn.3:3), He meant it !  And so, anyone, who like that thief on the cross, sincerely admits they are a sinner and accepts the Lord as their only Savior (not my good works, baptism, etc.) are born again.  And of course, readying oneself for the Judgment Seat of Christ as a believer by living for the Lord once you’re saved is critical also but how about doing what’s needed here too?

A verse struck me in Proverbs 13,   “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children. . .” (vs.22).    We want to be good and we hopefully think enough of our family to leave them an inheritance.  The more obvious idea that may come to mind here is having a will where they are included and provided for in some way.  But how about in the greatest sense, not materially but spiritually !   Are you going to leave a legacy to them of a person who has spent their life for Christ not self?  That they saw their grandparent serving Christ tirelessly?  They actually saw the Lord in your attitudes as well as actions?  To be an example to younger lives is a sobering responsibility and yet one that is very possible with the Lord’s enabliing, and this is to happen slowly and surely each and every day He gives to you to live out.  Praying for His strength to be that example is a good prayer, reading Scripture renews your mind also aiding in this.

Let your children and grandchildren see you following Jesus,  supporting, serving in your local church and faithfully attending it. Oh how many people don’t even join which sends the message to those after you of little to no commitment which in turn often results in even less by them !  It’s important they see you tithing to your church, giving to others in many ways, being kind, forgiving, and lovinngly uncompromising in your stand for Christ !!  It’s Indian Summer, take full advantage of the days God gives you and when you do, you are good in His eyes and theirs !!!


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