Invisible Foes, Invisible Friends !

One of the things about this coronavirus that is so unsettling is that you cannot see this enemy ! Therefore medical experts are teaching us to assume the virus is on everything. With this in mind you are much more careful not to touch surfaces where it may be lurking. They do not want it to get it on your fingers and then later touch your face thus allowing it to enter your body via the nose especially and wreak its havoc. So they are rightly educating us about the power and pervasiveness of this unseen physical enemy.

On the other hand we as believers have another invisible consideration spiritual in nature and instead of unsettling is quite settling in the Person of God but also in the persons of His holy angels who He has protecting us just as the writer of Hebrews said in Heb. 1:14 “Are THEY not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Let’s unpack this and drink from the comforting well of God’s Word and find some solace to help you through this pandemic !

I capitalized “they” to emphasize that there are MANY of these unseen and incredibly powerful angels which God has created for good and as the verse shows, for YOUR good ! They function to minister and that word “ministering” was used of those public servants in the days of Jesus who ministered in the Temple (such as Zacharias the father of John the Baptist). And note too the word “all” meaning no angel is off on his own agenda but is actively doing God’s bidding even now and “FOR them (that is, YOU, if you are born again !!) who shall be heirs of salvation !! Isn’t this heartening knowing that God Himself has not only told us WE have invisible, powerful agents protecting and ministering on our behalf even if we don’t see it or them?!!

Satan and man can be behind dastardly schemes to frighten and cause harm to people but God is in complete control at ALL times and He has a vast unseen (to us) army at His disposal with each on mighty in power, intelligence and goodness FOR us !! So the next time you fret about some unseen “bug” focus on the unseen blessings God has just for YOU !!!!

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