Just Do It

We usually have an ample supply of squirrels around our home given the huge oak tree in our backyard.  This morning I was listening to a squirrel’s warning sounds as he chattered away. Kind of annoying to me but very helpful I’m sure to his squirrel pals.  God has wonderfully created all His creation in so many ways to protect and help each critter.

Ezekiel sounded the warning  in his thirty third chapter when he prophesied, “Say unto them, As I live saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from you evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?” (vs11).   In similar fashion, there are people all around you that need to hear the same warning, that God does not take delight in the wicked’s death or He would not have paid such a great price at Calvary for their sins.  He desires to use us to warn the unsaved around us of their eternal fate and convert them through the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ !

One of the most fulfilling feelings you will ever get as a Christian is to tell someone how the Lord saved you and see them accept Christ too.  To see His peace come over them, the joy they experience, the change that only God can work in a heart is truly gratifying.  One of Satan’s biggest aims has to be preventing us from sharing such a wondrous message which gives eternal life to the recipient and great joy to the evangelist !  Instead Satan will try anything to prevent this.  So we slip into fear of witnessing, thinking the worst (will they laugh, mock, will they ask me something I can’t answer, etc.). The head games are many he plays with us but the simple solution is to obey the Lord and “Go YE unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mk.16:15).

Why not carry some tracts with you to help initiate the opportunities God gives you to witness?  Ask God for boldness, didn’t the apostles do the same?  And then as the Nike ad goes, “Just do it !” and you will find God will bless you with joy and in time people will come to Christ and your church will see growth through God working through YOU !!     Why not specifically commit to being a better witness starting today, ask God to clearly show you some opportunities to share the gospel and watch what happens.  Ask Him for help and just do it.  Determine you will speak to at least five people in the next week and hand out a tract every day, that’s not too much to ask and think how it will please the Lord and help others !!    Isn’t the world we live in a mess?  Wanna see it improve? God has given you the KEY to change it, just do it !!!

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