Kicking off the “Summer” right

The “summer” kicks off officially this weekend with Memorial Day, though the calendar waits until near the end of June.  But picnics, family get togethers, parades, etc mark the festivities this coming holiday weekend nonetheless.  These times are fitting, we need the time with family and friends, and its good for us to honor the dead and the living who have served and preserved our cherished freedoms but in all the celebration let us not forget the greatest of all sacrifices made to secure our ultimate freedom, what Christ did for us at Calvary !

Paul reminds us we are to render “honor to whom honor” is due (Rom.13:7) and certainly when you talk to a veteran this means we convey our thanks, but the greatest of thanks goes to our Savior.  And we do Him honor when we strive to live for Him.  This weekend when you head off to church, determine to honor Him by listening well to the message He has for you, if you teach do your best to prepare so as to honor Him and ask His help to speak that truth in love (Eph.4:15).   As you fellowship ask God to help you to be encouraging and Christlike and resist those temptations to degenerate into any kind of conversation that would truly dishonor Him.   When you put money into that plate, give like the widow did her mites, give out of a thankful, loving heart for He gave a great sum for YOU ! Find some way to serve and honor Him well through your church.   This is how we kick off the summer well, by honoring Him with all we have and all we are !!

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