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I had mentioned not long ago the passing of a pastor friend this past week.  As I placed a note on his internet obituary online I couldn’t help but think of the impact each of our lives can truly have for Jesus Christ !  Scanning the many comments made on his listing made it crystal clear of the impact just one life can make for the Savior.     Recently, Joe Paterno (who recently passed as well) had his headstone placed with this line from a Robert Browning poem which reinforces the scriptural idea of the impact of a life:  “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”   Think about that for a moment.

We can reach out to touch someone or something but our very lives extend farther when you think about it. One simple prodding by my friend years ago” “You should go to Bible college and study to be a pastor.”  was the push I needed from God through His humble servant to follow God’ call and since then hundreds have been saved !    How often though we stay quiet or refuse to get involved when if we reversed this, a major impact for Christ could be made !!    When Paul wrote to his Ephesian brethren and urged them to “redeem the time because the days are evil (short)” [Eph.5:16] he was urging us too with the admonition that you never know when your life will be brought to an end here and we must avail ourselves to making the most of the opportunities He gives us each day.  Today, you may be faced with a chance to help someone through a tough time, you may be able to speak a word of encouragement that turns a life around for Him, you might be in the place of showing someone how to stay calm under pressure as you walk with your Lord.  And in doing these, you make your mark for Him upon the hearts of others who so much need to see Him in a life !!    So often we fall prey to the devil’s or flesh’s thinking that we have more time, that we don’t want to offend. Instead, you must ‘Go for it’ !!!  There are  opportunities and adventures awaiting you TODAY !!

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