What is YOUR life?

The half-brother of our Lord, James, wrote this:  “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life?  It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” (James 4:14).   Like much of his book,  this man of God put down a pithy and succinct statement of fact for us to ponder with great care.  And there are many ramifications to consider.

Jim started coming to our church not long ago, he’d moved here recently to a retirement community and we’d gotten to know him through leading a friend of his to Christ.  He was a kind, sweet man in his late 80’s and he said to this friend, “We need to start going to Pastor Reese’s church !” So they did and one of his last words to me were these:  “Do you know why I like coming here to your church? Because you preach the gospel here !”   Jim had gotten saved not long ago himself in another church and been baptized in his late 80’s but moved here and knew instinctively that finding a church of like precious faith was vital.  Many octogenarians would simply “sit on their can” and whine about their aches and pains but not Jim, he wanted to be in God’s house.   And for Jim, it didn’t matter what the church didn’t have, as many in today’s entitlement generation would focus on, it mattered what it stood for !  Jim had planned to join the church soon and see his friend baptized and join, but the Lord had other plans.    Jim, or James, slipped off into eternity yesterday and now he’s really living !!!

What is YOUR life, friend?  Jesus’ brother “Jim” said its like a wisp of smoke, a mere vapor in comparison to eternity.  We’re here today, but perhaps gone tomorrow?   So live it well dear reader.   Let go of those grudges, leave off sin and put on what is right, focus on those things which truly matter and do right by your fellow man as you would have them do to you and above all glorify God with the life He gave you, for soon, very soon, it will be over here and we too will cross the other side with Jim !!

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