My high school football coach was a small man but he had huge talent. He had the eye of a professional team, in fact, and was given a try out but they decided not to take a chance on him given his size.  However, we knew he “had the moves” and could still see his talent even in his later 30’s. We respected his abilities and when he raised his voice, EVERYONE stopped and listened ! He would often yell, “LISTEN UP !!!”.   But sadly, to our fault, we didn’t always listen well when he spoke to us in a normal volume as teens are prone to do.

I wonder, how well are you listening to God lately?   It was the ancient Jews reciting their “Shema” each day: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.” (Dt.6:4) that was designed by God to draw to His people’s attention to Him and His Word. And there is a need to listen carefully to Him knowing we are prone to be easily distracted, discouraged, and  defeated in this old world which bombards us with so much to divert us from Him.   We know we can read the Bible and listen to Him, but maybe like the first recipients to hear from the OT prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, etc teach us also to listen carefully to those happenings of life God permits to rivet our attention away from things to He Who has created all things !?   That trial we so quickly wish to end and pray that it will can certainly be the Lord’s way of saying to you, “LISTEN UP !”  because you’re cruising along in life apart from Him.   He so wants you fellowship, to walk with you each day but in doing so it is vital you hear Him.

So today, take a moment to listen.  Pay attention to those precious words of Scripture as you read them, meditate upon the lyrics of some great hymn, gaze at the stars and wonders of creation about you. David wrote, “The heavens DECLARE the glory of God. . . ” (Ps.19:1).   Maybe we’d have more peace if we had more listening ?!!

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