Pointing the gospel gun

The recent spate of comments over the football player shooting has been interesting to watch. Immediately there were those who jumped all over the “need” to control guns, some being so extreme as to say we must do away with our right to bear arms (the Second Amendment).  Others staunchly and rightly standing up for the constitutional right to own guns.  But the liberal panacea and rush to judgment is something we can even learn from.

The Bible believer can easily detect there is a gross error in thinking guns are the problem, hence take them away from people and there will no longer be such heinous crimes.  That so-called solution fails to look at the root cause which is something our world is fanatical about turning a blind eye to, namely SIN !  Many in our day still refuse to call out sin for what it is and when we fail in the diagnosis we will in the treatment ! So they are left to deal with such “in our face problems” in knee-jerk ways which not only don’t truly fix the problem but make it worse !!

For us who are saved, one of the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with our problems is to recognize and admit when we sin and repent of it. I have seen this so many times in counselling.  Once a sin is identified and the humble person sees it and confesses it, the spiritual infection beings to heal, relationships start to progress, joy returns !!  Solomon said it so well, “He that covers his sins shall not prosper; but whoso confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy.” (Prov.28:13).  The Hebrew here is fascinating for it is even stonger: “He that covers his sins shall NEVER prosper”.  It is a law of our universe that if we don’t deal with our sins properly we cannot expect to  truly succeed in our relationships, our lives, anything !!

How can we expect our society to stop shooting one another if we aren’t regularly confessing our sins and showing them a joyous, growing, spiritual alternative for them?    The real antidote is not pointing a gun at someone when we are troubled but pointing at troubled folks a godly testimony and witness.   Why not seriously ask God today to help you to be that testimony, to be bold to share the gospel to some soul who may be struggling with life and looking for help?  And then having seriously asked this, watch what happens !!

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