Ponder the wonderment of Christmas

What’s your favorite part of Christmas?   Kids certainly enjoy their gifts,  and adults enjoy seeing their kids happy opening their presents. We enjoy the family time and seeing folks that sometimes we only see this time of year.  The different decorations add to the luster of Christmas as well.  And who amongst could not quickly respond to our favorite kinds of food to eat this Christmas season !    Many are the blessings associated with this holiday.

I wonder what God would cite that is special to Him?   Would it be the joy of having taken on flesh to save us?  Would it be the worship He receives from us in adoration for what He’s given us?   I can imagine that when we get just a little sense of what it must mean to Him He is thrilled !  To have commenced the plan of salvation by taking on flesh two thousand years ago must’ve been thrilling to Him just as it was for the angels to have announced His birth to those simple shepherds.  Remember how excited you were when you were born again? At that first Christmas God was enacting His plan in time to save you and everyone else who has come to Christ, ever !!  So needless to say Christmas must be a tremendous joy to Him and the more we get to know Him it will be to us as well !   Spend some time for a little reflection and meditation on this today  !!

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