Pumping “spiritual” iron !

Have you heard about the little boy who plays football, and plays it very well?  Eleven year old Demias Jimerson plays so well, in fact, he scores about every time he gets the ball. So they invoked an old rule which only permits him to score three touchdowns a game. This  has sparked a little controversy among adults.  Is this more liberalism so that everyone “wins” and more foolishness which will stifle hard work and not reward success or is it being fair to the other kids who play?   If you have heard the story I’m sure you have formed an opinion by now.

What would be the right thing to do as his coach? What would be the right response for Demias? Aren’t you glad we all have something to draw from other than the grey matter between our ears?! We have the Bible to shape those opinions and decisions we hold to. The Scriptures give us right principles by which to guage anything that comes to our attention !

The writer of Hebrews was rebuking his readers in 5:11 when he stated, “. . .we have many things to say and hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of hearing.”   They’d become calloused to the Word and spiritually out of shape and so deserved this chiding.  He went on to use the analogy of them as very small children in need of milk still when they should be mature enough to eat a more advanced diet like meat. And when he writes verse 14 he ends the chapter thus: “But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

One of the amazing things about a growing relationship with the Lord is that He gives to you the ability to distinguish or discern matters more in line with His Word. You are able, by His grace, to make wise decisions.  Sometimes we find the wisest things even being said by young people, so that this discernment isn’t always reserved for the grey headed sages in our churches !    Demias is not bitter about the rule, he’s grateful for the chance to play. In fact listen to his priorities and what he says towards the end of this clip: http://www.fox16.com/news/local/story/6th-grade-football-player-hit-with-Madre-Hill-Rule/i5OBaa1L8UaHQtcwPuKw9A.cspx

Now, tell me what you think is wise.  How would you, if you were his coach or this league, address this situation and build up this young man and those he plays with?  Let’s hear some discernment in the blogosphere !   Exercise those spiritual senses God’s given you !!  Don’t let a pastor do it all for you, thats the lazy childish, never grow up approach.

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