The reward of being friendly

“A man that has friends must show himself friendly”, so wrote Solomon !  Our society seems to be withdrawing into itself, self-absorbed in high tech gadgets where their social contact is limited to presing digits and letters in a text, or connecting with their favorite artist through their earbuds while real folks walk by and real conversations are bypassed.  But even more close to “home” in our churches some folks never venture far beyond their own pew, slipping in and out with as little to say as possible. It is not good that man should be alone !!

The other night several of us from our church met for ice cream and just had a great time laughing and fellowshipping together.  I think the Lord must look at such times with great joy seeing people who likely wouldn’t have known each other if not for what He did at Calvary so many years ago and who would be quite different in their dispositions too !  He gazes at these happenings and sees His children enjoying one another’s company and seeing no ill will between them but rather gladness and mutual enjoyment.   It must be a delight to His heart much like it is when I have seen my own parents at times at holidays or family get togethers and they just sit back and smile.

How’s it going lately with your spiritual siblings? How much “spiritual capital” are you putting forth to get to know and maintain great relationships with folks whom Jesus has saved and loves immensely?  This comes easier with people who have similar interests.  Hunters and sports fans enjoy chatting about these areas together,  shoppers and those who love cooking relish (pun intended) in conversations with their counterparts.  But how about stretching your horizons a little this week and get together with someone who you don’t normally?  One of the things both my wife and I enjoy is moving around from month to month at our church dinners to not sit with the same people but broaden our fellowship circle more.  It’s good for us and hopefully them, ha !

Years ago some churches had assigned pews of sorts where the wealthier paid for their seat and no one dare sit in it. I heard not long ago that in one of the mega churches down south those who wanted to sit close to the pulpit were to pay a fee for it.  Disgusting !  Recently a new couple came out and asked if they could sit in a certain place and not be taking someone else’s spot and I told them we don’t have assigned seating. It’s good to “move around” and get to know others.  We all need this !  “A man that has friends must show himself friendly. . .” (Prov.18:24).  So go be friendly, Solomon implied when you are you get a rich reward: friends !!

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