Riff Raff Day

Today is “Riff Raff  Day” around our neighborhood. Do they call it that in your “hood”?  It happens twice a year and it’s when people throw out larger items the trash man wouldn’t normally take. Cruise down our streets and you’ll see all kinds of things: old bed frames, appliances, desks, chairs, microwaves, etc.   For many in our blessed land where we truly have more than we need, it’s a time to clear out the clutter, and free up some space (to get more junk !).

Well, Paul wrote this to the Corinthians:  “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” (2Cor.10:5).   We are subjected every day to a lot of the world’s junk. We may hear a rock song blaring out ideas contrary to the Scriptures and slowly we’re sucked into to the vaccum of anti-Christ ideas then gone is our joy and passion in the Lord, we may see things that tempt us to think ungodly, we may fall into gossip or be bombarded with depressing news, we may worry about something or be tempted to not take God at His Word due to some feeling we have.  The command is to clear away all that clutter !  Throw out the riff raff, make room for something better !!

I’ve not wasted my time on it, but I have channeled surfed and stopped briefly enough to know there actually is a show now about hoarding !  Talk about riff raff, most of the programming today is !!  Anyway,  instead of hoarding the trash this world offers and dwelling on counterproductive thinking such as undue guilt, worry, or fear why not cast it all down today and decide to set your mind on things above not on things of the earth which perish like trash? (Col.3:1-2).  Like “riff raff day”, its very freeing to do so and liberates you to not be bogged down by ideas and thinking, that is, for want of a better term, just plain rotten !  Take a little time today with God to cleanse your mind and fill it with not trash but treasure, God’s very Word. It will renew that mind spotted by the world’s trash and freshen it up to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ !

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