Back to School

They are officially back !  The school busses are whizzing by this morning, kids are walking to their bus stops and soon the school buildings will be buzzing with kids.  Once empty classrooms filled, lessons being taught, homework, activities, etc. Those still going through those routines look back at the summer and sigh,  those past school days look back at those “care free” days thinking now they don’t look all that bad.  

 There is a tendency in each of us to look at what’s right in front of us and not see the blessings despite the burdens.  I’ve often thought of Paul’s comments in Philippians 4 that even he struggled in his life with this but he gained the victory as we see what he wrote in verse 11, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have LEARNED in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be CONTENT.”    For us, as with the venerable apostle, it is a schooling process.  The burdens, as I’ve said, will always be there in a broken world but for the Christian there’s always a “silver lining” too.   Remember, Paul wrote this statement from a dank Roman prison !

Are you looking at your day thinking “oh boy” whatever am I going to do with this problem?  Maybe, just maybe, it’s MORE than a problem!  Perhaps its ALSO a possibility for you to shine for Christ, to grow in Him !!  Do you look at someone else’s situation and wish it could be the “hand that was dealt’ you?  Get back to school, enter into the classroom where Contentment 101 is being taught !   With Him, no matter what you face, He is desiring to give you His peace despite the situation.  How Joseph sitting in an Egyptian prison must’ve learned contentment at some point, or Ruth when her husband died and her mother-in-law oozed nothing but bitterness as they trudged back to Bethlehem.  Now school’s in session for you and I !  Will we pass?  We have the greatest Teacher, why shouldn’t we?!!!

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