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Witnessing !  Its a word that elicits fear in some Christians, joy and fulfillment in others.  I have a good friend who’s always been such a testimony as to witnessing to folks and I have to say it’s been a joy to share the gospel and see the peace come over a person who turns to Christ after witnessing to them.    I put a challenge to everyone at our church that this week they witness to someone  because we often get so wrapped up in our own lives we forget to reach out to others as Jesus commanded us to do !

I recall having  a great desire to witness early in my Christian life but also a great fear.  And one day while reading the Bible God gave me a wonderful verse I needed to help me, “There is no fear in love: but perfect love casts our fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.” (1 Jn.4:18).  God showed me that my fear could be defeated as I grew in love with the Lord more !  So as I set to draw closer to Him, my desire to witness began to overcome my fear of it.  My first attempts were feeble but soon I was seeing folks saved and that was very very fulfilling !!

The devil does a great job messing with us, keeping us distracted from witnessing for he knows it is crucial to the salvation of folks. So he will do all he can to prevent you from sharing how God saved you.  But as you concentrate on loving your Savior, the desire to speak up for Him will shatter any wiles Satan may play against you !    Love is powerful and when your spending time in the Word, walking with Him and confessing your sin, you will find a mounting desire to witness and a boldness to do it too.   I put a challenge to YOU this week, ask God to put someone in your path to whom you may witness and watch God use YOU, that’s very fulfilling !!!

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