Spiritual Tones

I was preparing a message for church recently for our book study in Colossians and the Lord impressed especially two things upon me.  One I will share here, the other at church.  Paul wrote this in Col.3:16: “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”   You’ll note there are three terms speaking about music: (1) psalms – the basic idea here is sacred music plucked on a stringed instrument, (2) hymns – pious odes sung to God, & (3) spiritual songs – that music which is in sync with what the Bible teaches and reaches down and touches the heart and affects it for edifying the soul.

I recall Dr. Frank Garlock make the statement some years ago in one of his music seminars that there is a lot of good secular music. I agree, there are certain types such as classical and some of our American folk music and ballads which are greatly superior to much of the noise which calls itself “good music” these days. And much of the fluff that calls itself Christian music which is devoid of great spiritual truths and sounds not a whole lot different than some of the rock tunes I used to listen to as a young man.  I know there are a lot of Christians and their churches now who see no problem with such music anymore, I am unashamed to say I do, as I’ve come out of that whole rock era and studied the Bible for many years.

But as you look at those words, I think its unmistakably clear that the kind of music we need to listen to that will build us up spiritually is, duh – spiritual music !   I’m not saying we can’t listen to secular music but we should avoid listening to any music secular or that which calls itself Christian which defies the meanings of these ideas God has given to us for there certainly is music which does not edify. God says not once, or twice but thrice, in conjunction with letting His Word dwell in you richly, to then have in your life music which truly edifies us and those around us.   Satan has effectively wrested biblical thinking in regards to music and supplanted it with this idea “But I like it, I like the sounds, words, etc”  Here’s the deal, its not about what we like but what He likes:  “Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.” (Eph.5:10) !!!

A roommate I had in college came from Africa, when he came to the States as rock had become the norm as to music here and churches were starting to battle over its place in the church, he made a good point. He said that the same sounds and beats are what he heard before he was saved in the demonic rituals he’d observed.  He said Satan works more in the open in my country, he’s more sly here because of the greater Christian influence.  The Bible should be our guide in all we say, do and listen to.  Make sure that in your life you have music which builds you up spiritually and doesn’t conflict with what Scripture teaches and your soul will be richly blessed !



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