Looking ahead to next Sunday

We had a good day at church yesterday and I hope yours was too. We had a good turnout,  some great music to sing and listen to and minister to our hearts and to our Savior, and a fascinating and challenging passage of Scripture to focus on in the sermon, and good fellowship and response to the message !   And we were reminded in our message that we’re in a “cosmic drama” of sorts.  The Lord is the Writer and Director, the world is the stage and we the actors while as Paul wrote in Ephesians 3:10 (“To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places [the angels], might be made known by the church [us who are saved] the manifold [or multi-colored or faceted] wisdom of God.”) the angels are the audience so much so that Peter wrote they are intensely fascinated and interested in how we “perform” for and by means of God’s power and grace that they actually stoop to peer closely at the church (YOU !!) when you worship and when you live for the Lord (“. . . which things the angels desire to look into” – 1 Pt.1:12).

Yet oh how often it’s easy to go to church and just go through the motions totally oblivious to the spirit world around us.  How easy it is to be mechanical and dutiful only as we help “take care of the business” of the local church and fail to realize we have a grand and glorious, holy host about us cheering us on, hoping that we’ll grow and that our churches will make an impact in our community. And when these things do occur and real and impactful worship goes on in your heart, how wonderul it is to them !  How about setting a goal for yourself this week to not only glorify the Lord and encourage your pastor but also hearten the angels too as you strive to get someone to church with you, and/or share the gospel (the most powerful, hopeful message there is !).  They are thrilled when you really get behind the workings of your local church because it’s God’s program for the age in which we live, so make it a great Sunday this coming week !!!

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