Its amazing the vast array of technological inventions and improvements we now enjoy. We have moved from computers being massive to pc’s and handheld devices with even greater capacity to store info and retrieve it. We have cellphones, mp3 players, kindles, ipads, iphones – oh my, I-ay, I-ay, I-ay !!!  Hey they created new words, why can’t Ieye??  Anyway, seems to me that sometimes as people get more into the newest and hottest thing they get less and less adept at social interaction.  It’s not uncommon at all to drive  near campus and see scads of students walking along with earplugs in place and “in their own little world” oblivious to reality around them.  Sometimes, sadly, you hear of such students hit by a vehicle as they walk along tuned out to the world but tuned into the grill of a car !  And its great to hear we’re finally getting a law against driving and texting.  How many times have you noticed that being done !  There’s a safe practice, a ton of metal coming at you at 55 mph and the driver with one thumb on the wheel and the other punching out letters on a keypad. Yes, we need to be careful with these devices for sure.

I’m not trying to disparage the value of such wonderful inventions but like everything we need to make sure even these are governed by what God has said.   When you put on those earplugs and listen to music, others may not hear, but God does. Is the music your way of hiding from others what you like but God may not?  And if so, are you also learning to be more sneaky rather than honest?  We must, as with everything, prove what is acceptable to the Lord (Eph.5:10).  Earplugs aren’t wrong, they can be a blessing to someone near you who needs to concentrate but if they are making you less focused on God don’t use them.

Texting, likewise can have its virtues, but when’s the last time you had a meaningful conversation instead of abbreviated language with another human being?  Sometimes, we need to move away from the keypad and pick up the phone and hear the tones, sound and expression of a friend and they need to hear yours as well.  Are you hiding behind your keypad or nurturing relationships and sharpening your own social skills so that you can be better used in the Great Commission? (Mk.16:15, “Go ye into all the world and text, I mean, PREACH the gospel to every creature.”).

Sometimes we can be so hooked on our “toys” we have no time left to do God’s work.  Don’t let them takeover your life, use them wisely and for His glory.   Enjoy them but master them, as God would have you, not the other way around.   TTYL !!   LOL




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