TGIF ?? TGED !!!

TGIF, we’ve all heard or used that acronym for “Thank God It’s Friday”.   It’s an understandable expression for the 40+ hour a work week person or busy student.  But the psalmist had a different perspective when he wrote “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”    The word translated “made” is common in Old Testament Hebrew and speaks of making, fashioning, ordaining, appointing and producing to name a few of the uses of this particular word !!

With each day, as we understand it from Scripture here, the Lord’s intent is to use that 24 hour span and no matter what He allows or ordains that His likeness is continually and gradually crafted in YOU !  It may be a heartache you experience this day, it may be a thrill you’d love to revisit another day, it may be what you think to be “just another day” but as we come to understand God and His Word better through each day we can truly rejoice that He is endeavoring to do something great in YOU !        I don’t know about you but I need Him to do something in me ! And when in my “dumb animalness” I finally do its then that I can genuinely take on the mindset of the psalmist here when he said, not once, but twice that he was rejoicing no matter what the day !

The psalm from which this verse is a part of is designed to move us to praise and worship of the One Who gives us our day. So whether  you’re reading this on a Friday or a Monday, you CAN truly say “Thank God Every Day”  (TGED) without waiting for Friday !!    So be glad  !!!  Its a brand new day He’s given you, and this adventure of life is to be transformative, walk with Him and rejoice no matter what comes  because He’s doing a great work in YOU !

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