The Coming Storm

The entire Northeast is bracing itself for an impending blizzard. Snow is predicted to come fast with many many inches too. Stores have been crammed with people bringing home needed supplies to weather the storm ahead. A wise precaution in advance of such an event !

But we Christians know there is an even greater emergency for those who as yet do not know our Lord. Most are unaware of the eternal doom ahead for them, some scoff at the notion of an actual hell yet Jesus had much to say about this and gave His very life to save us from the wrath to come !!

If you have been truly born again you know the change that took place that day you gave your heart to Him and the crisis has been averted for you. For this we must ever show our appreciation and adoration to Him. Yet like those many who are unaware of the “eternal blizzard” or the rest who mock it He is counting on YOU to share the same message of the gospel someone told you. Think of it, some who will not darken the door of a church can be placed near you at work, in your neighborhood, or even in your own home and God is desiring you show Him to them (so pray for God to help you be that Christlike example to them). The person you have a brief encounter with as you go out may be contemplating suicide and God has given YOU the needed supply to avoid their own personal eternal storm !

Jesus commanded, yes commanded, us as Christians to make disciples for His kingdom when He said “Go, YE therefore, and teach all nations…” (Matt.28:19). It’s a brand new year filled with all kinds of possibilities before you. This snowstorm will pass, but the eternal calamity for those unsaved will not until someone has the heart for God to share the greatest, most powerful message of the universe which He entrusted to us as His children for those who so desperately need it !! GO YE ………… !!!!!!!!

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