The Day of the Lord, how do you REALLY feel about it?

Well the summer is almost shot !  Its been a nice one but kinda sad to see it getting darker earlier but that is how things go.     We have been in our Sunday mornings doing some messages and there is a phrase that has jumped out to me:  the Day of the Lord.     What does that mean? When is it? Well, the OT prophets often used it and it basically refers to that time when God will have basically said “ENOUGH, I’M HERE, GAME ON FOLKS !!”

And not that God isn’t here.  But the Day of the Lord will be when God clearly is working to the saved and lost alike for He will start to judge the sinful of this old world and usher in His kingdom upon the earth.   But the Day of the Lord has a two-fold aspect to it just as we may enjoy our summers (positive) and dread the close of it (negative).  The negative to the Day of the Lord is obviously that God will judge the world for its sin, while the positive is that the saved will enjoy good times !    So the Day of the Lord all depends upon your perspective.  If you are truly born again there is no dread for you about this time, but if you are unsure about your salvation there would be.  So where are you truly at in your heart?  Have you sincerely admitted to Him you are a sinner and asked Him to be your Savior and noticed the peace, joy and transformation a true conversion to Christ brings?  Or are you unsure?   Better be sure because just like our summer fading away fast, so too the Day of the Lord draws near with every tick of the clock.

Paul wrote, “… behold, NOW is the accepted time; behold, NOW is the DAY of SALVATION”  (2 Cor.6:2).  If you are sure, what about someone around you who may not be certain?  Share how you were saved with them, encourage them to trust the Lord for their eternal destiny while there is yet time,  for the DAY OF THE LORD, like the end of summer, draws near !!

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