Be Thou an Example

Whether you want to use the term mentor, example or whatever, can you think of one or more persons who was of particular help and encouragement to you in your earlier years as a Christian? Or perhaps someone you met some years after who you admire as an example of godliness and was a blessing and spiritual challenge to you?  I can think of several and one man I’d like to share with you today is still “chugging along” last time I saw him.  Dr. Branine was a pastor of mine while I attended college and was also the President of our Bible college.

I had seen Doc’s picture in the college catalog before I even checked out the school, I’d hear about him through my pastor and heard good things about him. I decided to visit the school as God was working on me about training for the ministry. My first glimpse of this man was him sitting on a lawn mower cutting the grass of the church he pastored.  Wow, I thought, what a servant’s heart, he’s not above such menial tasks as mowing his church’s lawn ! I determined there I want to have that same servant’s heart too.  

In the years that have since elapsed he continues to serve at his college and of course serve his Lord !  We like to have our heroes and they are good for us to have, they bolster our faith and they challenge us to greater heights of service and faithfulness to the Lord and in fact Hebrews 11 is a good list of heroes ! But what about you?  Are you giving much thought to the life God has given you, the salvation he’s accomplished so graciously for you?   He didn’t do so for you to sit and look to everyone else to do the job or be the role model, He called YOU to that very important act as well.   

When Christ left us with the Great Commission He said, “Go ye therefore and teach (make disciples) all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Teaching them to observe all things whatosoever I have commanded you. . .”  (Mt.28:19,20). Does not this teaching ministry first mean we have learned and are learning?     If you look back at your best teachers, didn’t they press you (you may have despised them at the time, ha) and weren’t they consistent for the most part?  That’s how we need to be with those God may entrust under us. Maybe a child, grandchild, or newer convert !  

We have the unique privilege to SERVE as an AMBASSADOR for JESUS CHRIST.  Take seriously that role upon you today, its worth it, it WILL make a difference in the life of someone around you.  Be careful what you say and do – and for this you will need His strength, ask for it He will give it.  And go off into the day equipped to be an example of Christlikeness !

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