True Love

It is not without coincidence that after Paul writes what  the Holy Spirit had him write in Romans 7 (how that we as believers still struggle with our fleshly nature), he then  takes up the theme of God’s love in the next chapter !  Love is not only important, it is vital !!  We crave it, we were created with a capacity for it, it promotes a sense of security in us and yet as much as we desire to be loved we question the very One Whom love truly is !!!  And it’s no wonder when we guzzle down what Hollywood puts before us as love. So, we wonder does He still love me in light of the sin I have committed?   At times then we “feel” unloved, yet nothing could be further from the truth for the child of GOD !!

Paul’s words ending chapter eight of Romans proclaim loudly the truth that God will NEVER stop loving you – isn’t that great news to hear on Valentine’s Day? Or ANY day?  “He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up FOR US. . .” (vs.32) is something we must remember when we “feel” unloved. And so His love is PROTECTIVE for “Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect?” (vs.33). You are His and He Who is love (1Jn.4:8,16) will watch closely and compassionately over His beloved.

But, and this is so awesome, His love is PERMANENT too !  Paul poses a question in vs.35, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” and he goes on a “laundry list” of items (tribulation, distress [do your troubles ever make you “feel” unloved?], etc.).  Despite such trials Paul says the reality is “we are more than conquerors through Him that LOVED us.” (vs.37).  And the apostle knew whereof he wrote having gone through a good many distresses in his life and ministry !  Finally, Paul ends by noting he’s been “persuaded” that nothing shall be able to “separate us from the love of God. . .” (vs.39).   The word “persuaded” conveys the idea that at one time he was not, yet something or better yet, Someone, had brought his faith to this point and it had a lasting impact on how he believed and consequently how he acted !

We normally love only when we are shown love first. If someone hurts us we don’t typically love back as the Lord does, we lash back, we bury our hurt, shut down, and often end the relationship (a huge reason for the divorce rates in our nation and why people leave good churches) rather than lovingly (and I mean lovingly) confront with a view to bettering the relationship (with a person or a church).  Why not take from Valentine’s Day that I will strive to be more Christlike in my love to others and to God, especially when I don’t “feel” I have been loved?  I will work on mending relationships rather than disposing of them ! That glorifies the Lord !!!!     But remember true love begins with being in a right relationship with Him Who IS love !!!!!!!!

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