Vote His way !

What a wild and crazy time leading up to and culminating in our election !   Seems most of America were upset with the status quo and the sin (yes, sin, a word we don’t hear much of anymore but lets call it what God calls it) of our newly elected President was “trumped” by the sin of his opponent !    Looked at biblically, most Christians have concluded he was the better choice but his flaws remind us that no man is perfect and so we should not put our trust completely in fallen men.  We are instructed to pray for our leaders  (1 Tim.2:1-4) and to remember that God removes and elevates people to positions of power (which ultimately comes from Him alone).

I looked at this election cycle and saw aside from his opponent the media was against our new President, the elite opposed him, his own party gave little to no help, and he used millions of his own money so as not to be beholden to special interests.  To his credit he slugged it out and won the victory as the masses connected with his message and opted for him as their leader.

But what really concerns me is how many Christians I know were following the narrative of a deceptive media rather than let TRUTH be their guide in how to vote.   Do not allow Satan, the world, even your own mind (flesh) to be the determining factor in any decisions you make.  How can you insure you will make choices consistent with the Lord’s will?  Stay in the Word, learn it well, apply it’s wondrous principles and you will not be duped but will walk the path God has set before you voting His way !!! “proving what is acceptable to the Lord”  Eph.5:10

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