Go Vote !!!

I have spoken with many folks through the years who don’t vote and their reasoning often is that it won’t make a difference, so why even bother?  That’s a “convenient” excuse and copout from being a good citizen and Christ honoring believer.   We are commanded to do all we can to support these “ministers” in our government and part of that is exericising our vote.  “Render therefore to all their dues” (Rom.13:7) – when an elected official stands on truth and votes not for what is popular but what is right, rest assured he will have great opposition by today’s power brokers and if we don’t support him by at least a vote in his favor how can we say we are complying with this scriptural command?  My wife and I have gotten to know a man who is a key congressional figure in our state and when I see him, I often tell him I am praying for him, which is also  something very helpful we can do for these folks. (1Tim.2:1-4).

To not vote also dishonors the sacrifices of those before us and even those with us today who have purchased our freedom with their blood and maintain it currently with their sacrifices so that we can go to a voting booth and select whomever we so choose, without the coercion of a dictator over us to pull his lever.  When someone spilled their blood, so I have the freedom to vote, how I can be lazy or cynical to not do so !? So, go exercise this great privilege and if you failed to register for this election, make it a priority to be ready for the spring one ! God, the cause of freedom, and good folks who run for office are honored when YOU do !!!

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