Winter Wonderland

As I gaze out my window today, it is truly a winter wonderland !  The snow is coming down gently covering everything in sight with a fresh layer of white pristine flakes.  We were covering a part of Genesis recently in our Sunday School (you know that “archaic” part of church some adults think is only for kids since they only show up for church, ha !?).  Oh how much more  they would gain of fellowship and insight into God’s Word just by being faithful to that part of the local church ! Ok, another time on that !

Anyway, as we were studying in Genesis 8 we looked at how God promised after the flood how that “while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” (vs.22).  We enjoy our winter wonderlands, our summertime warmth, etc. because God promised we would as long as this old planet keeps chugging along by His design. Sorry environmental extremists, you are not the ultimate caretakers of God’s creation, He is !

But the promise of the perpetual change of the seasons, the arrival of each white Christmas and the enjoyment of a warm sandy beach in July is just one little evidence that the Lord we serve sticks to His Word ! His promises are sure, His Word can be trusted.   Are you plagued with some doubt today, are you wondering where is He exactly in the equation of your problem today?  Oh He’s there alright, your job is just to take Him at His Word and wait on Him.  See, there’s more to snow than just its natural beauty, there is also a supernatural component for you as His child, His great blessing !!   Let it snow, let it snow !!!!!

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